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Design Create Play is a Toronto-based startup comprised of experienced members in the web design and game development community. We primarily focus on mobile, games, and web applications. Contact us today and let us help you build a successful product.

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FeedSeed Social Reader is a suite of products designed around the social media needs of a business, large or small. By leveraging the power of the Facebook Open Graph, special short snippets of code can be included on a website to allow any user to push it to their Facebook feed at the press of a button.

For the business, demographic information is collected, and our analytics and suggestion engines work in tandem to produce a unique map of your site, showing more than "hits", but instead, "shares" tied to demographic information, proven to increase both click-through rate and return on investment.

LowestRates is the premier online tool for finding the best mortgage, credit card, insurance, and dental plan rates across America.

We integrated the APIs of several big name lenders and created a user-friendly site with a focus on maximizing click-through ratio.

Sociable, "the game of giving and getting" is a social application where users gift each other points which are then redeemed for free items from various sponsors (ex. coupons, discounts, and small ticket items).

The Sociable website and interactive ad banner involves heavy usage of AJAX, and utilizes CSS3 transitions and animations for a seamless user experience.

Thunder is a HTML5 UI editor that is used to quickly create and modify user interfaces for any application. The editor exports data in JSON format which can be read by client side SDKs (iOS, Android, AS3, Javascript).

Thunder also comes with a built-in Box 2D engine (ie. Angry Birds) for creating elements and levels with physics.

Over The Rainbow, a game developed for CBC on mobile/tablet android & iOS that allowed audiences across Canada to complete challenges and cast votes live while the show aired.

The application allows for the live streaming of the show with interactive content and challenges.

NightFall is a 2D Facebook game that focuses on player versus player competition. Players in NightFall improve their characters through completing quests, defeating monsters and exploring dungeons.

The game also lets players create guilds with their friends and work together to become more powerful. The game includes more than 200 items which can be found by slaying monsters or purchased from stores.

Dirty Dancing is a tycoon-style social game on Facebook produced for Lionsgate.

It reached a peak of 1.2 million users, and in late 2011 was the top emergent Facebook game in terms of monthly active users.

NodeBB is a robust nodejs driven forum built on a redis database. It is powered by web sockets, and is compatible down to IE8.

NodeBB uses cutting edge technology to make conversations as seamless as possible. Instant notifications, streaming posts, and a fluid navigation ensures a great Web 2.0 user experience. The NodeBB codebase is powered by NodeJS and Redis. Our servers are hosted on top of the line SSD-based hardware ensuring only the best and fastest performance possible.


We are always looking for the next up and coming talent. The world of web development is a fast-moving industry where standards and technologies can evolve in the blink of an eye. If you have unique experiences in web, mobile, or game development do not hesitate to email us your resume.

Julian Lam

Primary Weapon: Javascript & LAMP
Secondary Weapon: vi

Baris Usakli

Primary Weapon: C++, Flash
Secondary Weapon: Cat Memes

Andrew Rodrigues

Primary Weapon: HTML5 & CSS
Secondary Weapon: MS Paint



We have a couple of secret weapons up our sleeve, which include a mobile design framework, an open source platform-as-a-service API, and a cool image search engine. We won't dive into the details until we're ready to talk about it, but enjoy our teaser screenshots in the meanwhile!


We are programmers first, and we strive to always keep in touch with the latest coding technologies and standards. That's why we always attempt to maintain a presence in the open source community as well as helping other programmers on Stackoverflow.

If you like what you see and want to get in touch, send us an email or call us at 416-843-4323.

If you're in the GTA, swing by our office!
We are located at Suite #616, 341 King St. East. Toronto, Ontario.